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Cengiz Bergun
Duzkaya Stadium,
Catalkoy / Kyrenia,
North Cyprus,
Mersin 10, Turkey
Tel:+90 (0) 533 868 3165



The Kertikli Baths

A building to the north of the city constructed by the Ottomans, these baths are notable for the domes. The building is comprised of six domed rooms, a reservoir covered with a vaulted ceiling and a section believed to be the dressing room, the ceiling of which has collapsed.


The Twin Churches

The larger of the two churches built in the 14 Century belonged to the Knights Templar. When the last Grand Master and their other leaders were burned as heretics in 1313, the order came to an end and the church was left to the Knights Hospitalers who owned the adjoining building. The building has been restored and is now being used by the Cyprus Art Society.



Othello's Tower

Built in the 14 Century by the Lusignans in order to further protect the port of Famagusta, it was strengthened and restored by the Venetian Nicola Foscari. On top of the entrance there are engravings of the Lion of St. Mark, the name Nicola Foscari and the date 1492.
Othello’s Tower is said to be the setting of Shakespeare’s Othello.


Namik Kemal Museum

Situated in the garden of a Venetian palace, the only door of this dungeon opens into the garden of the palace. The famous Turkish playright Namik Kemal, once a newspaper editor in 19 Century London, was exiled to Cyprus upon staging of his play ‘Vatan yahut Silistre’ (Motherland or Silistre) in Instanbul on April 1, 1873. Kemal was exiled to Cyprus and imprisoned in this cell. It has henceforth been known as the Namik Kemal Dungeon and Museum.

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