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Cengiz Bergun
No. 121/8
Duzkaya Stadium,
Catalkoy / Kyrenia,
North Cyprus,
Mersin 10, Turkey
Tel: +90 (0) 533 868 3165



Old Kyrenia Harbour

The horseshoe shaped harbour is the focal point of the town. The historical Kyrenia harbour, with its colourful fishing boats and yachts and its lively bars and cafes is the heart of Kyrenia, both for locals and tourists.



St. Hilarion Castle

Rumoured to be the inspiration for the Disney film ‘Fantasia’  this castle sits atop the mountains over looking Kyrenia. The site was originally the home of the hermit ‘Hilarion’, upon which a monastery was built in his honour. The castle, the third in a protective line, was built on the mountain tops to protect against attacks from the seafaring Arabs.


The Shipwreck Museum

The shipwreck, 14.75 metres long and 4.4 metres wide and displayed in one of the rooms of the Kyrenia Castle, is the oldest shipwreck ever discovered. The findings suggest that the ship was a Syrian commercial ship which sank off the coast of Kyrenia in the 3rd Century with a cargo of nearly 400 amphorae of supplies and foodstuffs.


Kyrenia Castle

The impressive Kyrenia Castle on the eastern corner of the harbour was begun in the 7th Century by the Byzantines in order to protect the city against Arab raids. Additional construction during the Lusignan and Venetian periods further enlarged and fortified the castle. In order to escape the damage that was visited upon both Nicosia and Famagusta by the raiding Ottomans, Kyrenia surrendered and hence the Castle remains almost as it was then.

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