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Cengiz Bergun
No. 121/8
Duzkaya Stadium,
Catalkoy / Kyrenia,
North Cyprus,
Mersin 10, Turkey
Tel: +90 (0) 533 868 3165



Kyrenia Gate

The Kyrenia Gate is the arched northern entry into Nicosia, through the old walls which surround the city. On the walls of the gate inscriptions from Venetian and Ottoman times can be seen by sharp eyed visitors.


The Gamblers Inn

The Gamblers’ Inn at Asmaalti Square was built towards the end of the 17 Century.

In the entry hall of this Ottoman inn, there is a Medieval Gothic arch, this feature led historians to believe that the inn was built over the  ruins of a monastery. There are 44 rooms around the iner courtyard.


Mevlevi Tekke Museum

Approximately 100 meters south of the Kyrenia Gate. When it was built in the 17th

Century, it was a larger complex, and what remains of it nowadays is used as a museum to collect and protect Turkish art in Cyprus. It was restored and re-established as the Cyprus Turkish Ethnography Museum in 1962.

Arab Ahmet Mosque

The mosque, in the heart of the restored historical Arab Ahmet neighbourhood, was built in place of a Lusignan church in 1845. The interior of the mosque is covered with marble, some of which dates back to Venetian and Lusignan times. There are said to be tombstones from the 14th Century under its stone floor.

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