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Cengiz Bergun
No. 121/8
Duzkaya Stadium
Catalkoy / Kyrenia
North Cyprus
Mersin 10, Turkey
Tel: +90 (0) 533 868 3165




Legend has it that a British diver by the name of Fred discovered this reef just outside of the Kyrenia harbour entrance.

Apparently a grouper began to follow diver Fred on his daily dives. One thing led to another and Fred began feeding his fish buddy on a regular basis. We are not sure what happened to Fred or his original grouper companion, but the legacy remains.

The Fred dive site has become the place for feeding fish and watching them swarm around the divers. This symbolic dance appears to please both participants - the fish get fed and the divers get to see a variety of fish in one location.

The reef consists of three large rocks with a width of 25 meters and a length 150 meters lined up one behind the other underwater. The ridge ranges in depth from 13 to 29 meters and is suitable for beginners.

The fish are the real attraction of this site. You should see swarms of grouper (including gold blotched grouper), two banded bream and trigger fish to name but a few.

The groupers can look rather intimidating, as they are large and expecting to be fed some bread.

Do not be concerned - they know their role in this underwater feeding frenzy.






















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